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Training schools, Resita | 31 Aug, 24 Nov, 13 Dec 2021

The following interesting conclusions can be drawn from the three workshops:

Although, Resita is only 100 km away from Timișoara, there is a different mentality here. The interviewed participants are more attached to the city and to Romania. They no longer want to go abroad to work. They feel European, but feel this desire less than one feels in Timișoara because they have no EU experience.

The main points of discussion were EU values, which are being questioned in Romania, the disappearance of traditions and climate change, which is a serious problem in Romania.

Furthermore, the EU directives as a whole should be respected and adapted to national conditions. The cooperation between the cities is very important and supports the growing together of Europe, despite everything, the traditions should be preserved, just like the motto of the EU "United in diversity".




Kreisrat Timis | 04/05/2022

The international event in Timisoara took place on 04-05 May 2022.

With the help of Timis County Council, the conference was organised by FRG Timișoara in the multiplex room of Timis County Council on 4 May 2022.

The conference started at 9 am with the European Anthem and the Anthem of Romania.

It was an interactive conference with the participation of 45 people of different age groups, from witnesses of the 1989 revolution to pupils, students and teachers from Timișoara together with the partners from Germany, Bulgaria and Greece.

After the hymns and the welcome by the director of FRG Timișoara, each partner presented their results so far. An interactive discussion followed in response to questions from the participating pupils as well as in response to questions from the partners to the pupils.

Central questions were related to the development of the EU in terms of better understanding, the impact of the pandemic which has also left everyone socially disadvantaged and distanced from each other, EU membership, but also why Romania is not yet a member of the Schengen Agreement, fake news, climate change, news that confuses people and spreads panic, the war in Ukraine which not only dissolves the trade relations of all countries but also brings strategic and territorial borders more to the fore, NATO security,

Therefore, he said, there is an urgent need to promote communication between the various countries concerned. First and foremost, it is a matter of stopping the war! Young and older people want to be more and more involved in EU discussions and activities.

Further military equipment will not create peace, but will cause suffering, misery and further confrontations between people and states.

Peace negotiations must be accelerated, with the active involvement of the EU.

This was followed by a newspaper interview and press photos with the National Press AGERPRESS with the participation of the partners and the Director of FRG, Mr. Nicolae Cernei.

On behalf of the President of Timis County Council, his first advisor, Mr. Viorel Coifan, read a greeting from the President.


Timis County Council | 04/05/2022

On 04/05/2022, a "balcony speech" was made from the symbolic balcony of the 1989 Revolution of Timis Prefecture.

Besides the Director of FRG, Mr. Nicolae Cernei for Romania and the Deputy Mayor of Kifissia Mr. Stavro Zapanti and the Vice-Admiral Mr. Symeon Konstantinidis for Greece, five other representatives of all partners gave a "balcony speech" on the theme: "Call for UNITY", "Human Rights", "Equal Treatment" and "Ending the War in Ukraine".

In the evening, all partners attended the opera - performance "Rigoletto" at the Timișoara State Opera.


Timisoara | 05/05/2022

On 05 May 2022, the Internal Meeting of the partners took place in the conference room of FRG Timișoara.

All partners presented their latest results focusing on the citizens' survey in their own countries, see presentations.

In the afternoon, FRG organised a bus trip to Romanian vineyards where the partners had the opportunity to taste local wines.

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