Kifissia, Greece


International CONFERENCE

Kifissia Town Hall | 31/05/2022 Lüneburg | 31/05/ – 01/06/2022

Message of EUROPEAN UNITY from Kifissia

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On the second day of the European meeting, Wednesday 1 June 2022, an internal exchange took place between the European partners on the elaboration of the project and evaluation of collected content on the project site.

Activity Kifissia sings

The conclusion of the international event was the joint singing of the European Anthem in German with all the European guests, musically accompanied by Mr. Konstantinos Stefanou, and the choir of the Municipality of Kifissia under the conductor and composer Konstantinos Stefanou with melodies and sounds of Kifissia. He interpreted the song "That morning in Kifissia", saying goodbye to Dakis, the artist who loved our city and sang for it.

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The European Hymn ("Ode to Joy")



3rd Upper School Kifissia | 8th June 2021

On 08.06.2021, a discussion workshop on the topic "EUROPE in Diversity" was held with 23 pupils from the 10th grade of the 3rd upper secondary school Kifissias.

The pupils were informed about the European values which are highly valued: Human Dignity, Freedom and Solidarity, as well as about the new challenges Europe is facing through populism, nationalism and racism. In recent years, in all EU countries, we have seen, on the one hand, a wave of questioning of the European ideal and, on the other hand, a rise in populism, racism and nationalism. The economic crisis that has hit the southern countries, the rise of nationalism in many EU member states and the Brexit have severely damaged the European framework, with the result that citizens feel alienated from the values that led to the foundation of the European Union and frustrated by Brussels' stance on many issues in their daily lives.
After the information session, students were asked to write down their thoughts, visions and fears about the future of Europe.

The results will be presented at the 1st international event of the project in September 2021 in Lüneburg, Germany.

EUROPE IN DIVERSITY – against populism and nationalism

3rd Upper School Kifissia | 12th April 2022

On 12.04.2022 a discussion workshop on the topic "EUROPE IN DIVERSITY - against populism and nationalism" took place in the framework of the Citizens' Consultation activity in Kifissia with 22 pupils of the 10th grade of the 3rd High School Kifissia.

On the occasion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the still raging war, as well as the rapidly increasing migration flows, we discussed with the students the humanitarian crisis in general, but especially the crisis of European values that emerged after the war, with the aim of creating a better and in any case peaceful future.

Reference was made to the fundamental values of humanism, such as dignity, freedom and solidarity, whether these values are respected or rather undermined today, and how democracy is being tested in modern Europe in the face of serious challenges such as populism, nationalism and racism.
Challenges that are unfortunately coming to the fore with increasing frequency. (The rise of Marine Le Pen's far-right party in the French presidential elections is typical and worthy of note).

After this discussion, we asked the students to record their thoughts and concerns about the future of Europe in a questionnaire as part of the anonymous citizens' survey.

The results were presented at the 2nd international event of the project in May 2022 in Timisoara, Romania.



Contemporary Witnesses-Workshop

Historical witness reports

Vice Admiral Mr. Symeon Konstantinidis spoke to the audience about the period from 1967 to 1974. He vividly described the historical events of the dictatorship based on his childhood experiences. He concluded his speech with Turkey's invasion of Northern Cyprus.

Video :Witness Symeon Konstantinidis

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