Events Lüneburg, Germany



Town hall Lüneburg | 21/09/2021

MITEINANDER IN EUROPA and the Hanseatic City of Lüneburg welcomed partners from the cities of Kifissia (Greece), Pleven (Bulgaria) and Timisoara (Romania) to Lüneburg from 20 - 23 September 2021. The days of the visit were filled with meetings, events and a warm together in Lüneburg.


Town hall Lüneburg | 21/09/2021

On the same day, the "Balcony Speeches" were held from Lueneburg City Hall. In addition to the Deputy Mayor, Mrs Christel John, five citizens from Lüneburg and representatives of all partners gave a "balcony speech" on the topic. Here, too, the challenges seen by citizens for the Hanseatic city, for the country and for Europe were addressed: Climate change, Corona, migration and cycling. The deputy mayor from Timisoara emphasised the problem of his country not being part of the Schengen area. Representatives of all partners ordered greetings from their cities and extended invitations to come to their cities.

On the evening of 21 September 2021, MITEINANDER IN EUROA invited all guests to visit the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. A concert in the great hall of the building impressed all guests and was a cultural highlight of the programme.


Lüneburg | 22/09/2021

Representatives of all partners met for an internal exchange on the premises of BBS I in Lüneburg. Important points for the implementation of the work plan for UNITY were discussed. In particular, the challenges that Corona will pose for the next meetings. All partners agreed to discuss the next encounters in 2022 at the end of January 2022.

In the morning, the international panel discussion also took place at the same venue. Representatives from different political levels were available for the debate: Mr. Jakob Blankenburg (SPD) from the District Council of Lüneburg, Ms. Julia Verlinden (The Greens) MdB as well as Ms. Lena Düpont (CDU) MdE from the European Parliament. They took part in the debate on Europe and its challenges with about 80 pupils and guests from Athens, Pleven and Timisoara. The debate used the "speed dialogue" format. The participants were able to talk directly with each political representative for about 10 minutes at standing tables. The topics were both those that affect Lüneburg directly on the ground: Cycle path expansion; meeting place for young people in Corona time; fair housing; it was also about the efforts of politics on climate change, the Corona crisis and the economy on the other level.


Lüneburg | 22/09/2021

In the afternoon, all the guests spontaneously joined passers-by in the square "Am Sande" to make EUROPA and the project visible by singing the EUROPA anthem together (Ode to Joy). Country-specific songs from the partner countries Greece and Bulgaria were also performed. Through this acoustic contribution Lüneburg sings, EUROPE became alive and visible.

The visit to a photo exhibition on the theme of MY EUROPE inspired participants in the Lüneburg Museum through the expression of various thematic areas that challenge Europe.

A joint evening in a Lüneburg restaurant concluded the meeting of all partners in this project. A summary was made, agreements were reached and the anticipation for the next exchange could grow.


Survey on the "unity" of Europe

The survey of citizens on the topic "UNITY OF EUROPE" was carried out by MITEINANDER IN EUROPA together with pupils of the Berufsbildende Schulen I in Lüneburg. First of all, in preparation, the topic of town twinning "UNITY OF EUROPE - just a dream?" was discussed with a learning group of about 20 pupils and the questions were debated. This gave the young people a very personal impression of the topic and the task.

In the period from 21.04. - 29.04.2022, the survey was then carried out both directly with young citizens and teachers in the school - and in Lüneburg's Bäckerstraße with adult passers-by.

Overall, the cohesion of Europe was addressed.

Most respondents want this cohesion in Europe - UNITY. This requires trust. Partnerships like the one in this project contribute to this.


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