Pleven, Bulgaria

Inter­national events


Pleven | 27/09/22

On 27.09. the internal meeting of the project partners took place in the meeting room of the Municipality of Pleven. The meeting was opened by Mrs. Paulina Kirova, Secretary of the Municipality of Pleven. Mrs. Kirova welcomed the international delegations and emphasised the good results achieved through the efforts of all partners and wished good luck for the final events in Pleven. The focus of the internal exchange was the additions for the completion of the impulse paper and final discussions for the final report.


Art Gallery Ilia Beshkov | 28/09/22

On 28 September, from 10:00 to 12:30 in the Art Gallery "Ilia Beshkov", a public discussion on the theme "Unity with Europe and development of democratic maturity" took place. Representatives of all partners, active citizens, members of the public, educators and young people took part - pupils of the State Financial and Economic High School "Intellect", Profiled Foreign Language High School "Dimitar Dimov", Vocational School for Tourism "Aleko Konstantinov" and for "Restaurant, Trade and Services Pleven", with which the association "Learning Workshop Europe" cooperates.

Mrs. Penka Spasova, chairperson of the board of the association "Lernwerkstatt Europa" welcomed the guests and gave the floor to the mayor of Pleven, Mr. Georg Spartanski, who spoke in detail about the current international events in the context of the topic and drew attention to the unity and solidarity in Europe with rhetorical questions.

In particular, he pointed out the importance of holding a joint dialogue with citizens at all levels - not only internationally, but also at the local level - on the subject of democracy. In doing so, he said, it is important to always engage in one's own reflection and think about one's own behaviour before judging.

On the occasion of the International Right to Know Day (28-09), other guests were invited to present their work in the plenary: Mr. Blagoslav Mihaylov, representative of the "Strazha" Foundation, who works for parliamentary transparency and citizen participation with his platform "Strazha" (Watch). Mr. Vanin Neykov from the project team "Environmental Bulgarian" tries to find solutions for the social problems in Bulgaria with his project, while they travel through Bulgaria and get into discussion with people first hand and learn about their difficulties and problems.

The young people actively participated in the discussion with numerous questions and shared their experiences in the framework of the Ambassador School Programme of the European Parliament, which aims to improve young people's awareness of the European Union, European citizenship and parliamentary democracy.

Balcony speeches

Pleven | 28/09/22

On 28/09/22 the Balcony Speeches took place in the "Kaylaka" park. Speakers were Alexandra Ivanova from Bulgaria, Bernd Werner from Germany, Teodora Uliu and Annemarie Mecher from Romania and Claire and Eirini Manara from Greece.

Pleven SINGS

Art Gallery Ilia Beshkov | 28/09/22

As part of the International Conference, the European anthem "Ode to Joy" was sung together with all those present. Afterwards, the talented children's singing group "Harlequino" from the community centre "Saglasie 1869", led by Mrs. Violeta Boyanova, introduced the conference by singing a song for Pleven and performing a rhythmic Bulgarian dance.



Secondary School for Foreign Language Teaching, Pleven | 29 April 2021

On 29 April 2021, the Profiled Secondary School for Foreign Language Teaching in Pleven - School Ambassador of the European Parliament, hosted the much sought-after face-to-face event in the framework of the project "UNITY" of the "Teaching Workshop Europe". More than 20 9th grade students took part in a disscussion workshop entitled "Europe - Diversity and UNITY", which was held in compliance with all anti-epidemiological measures.

The young people learned about the history of the continent that went through wars and disputes - from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century, the ideas of the Bulgarian Nikola Dimkov were mentioned.

The chairperson of Lewke (Lehrwerkstatt Europa), Mrs. Penka Spasova, informed the pupils about the project goals of UNITY. With Ms. Vateva (Bulgarian journalist), stories and experiences related to democratic processes and changes, the challenges for Europe in a pandemic, the unification of Europe and the concrete achievements that create a sense of solidarity were shared.

The participants were asked elaborated questions from the project survey, to which they responded with curiosity and stimulation. In this context, the pupils reported on their participation in the election of Junior Ambassadors in their school and the European Parliament's "Euroschool" initiative, which took place online on 12 March 2021. The participants were welcomed by the President of the European Parliament David Sasoli and then took part in a discussion with the Vice-President of the European Parliament Katarina Barli on the topic "Strengthening EU solidarity in emergency situations: do we need to get more involved?”



"UNITY in the diversity of EUROPE" by Karolina Vladimirova Stoyanova, Pernik
"United in Diversity My thoughts" by Sally Omar Saad, Novi Iskar
"UNITY in the diversity of EUROPE" by Andrey Petrakiev, Ruse

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"Europe for me" by Maria Rangelova, Pleven

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Unity with "Ode to Joy"

On 21 April 2021, the coveted "live" event took place as part of the "UNITY" project of the "Teaching Workshop Europe". More than 80 8th and 10th grade students of the Panayot Pipkov National School of Arts in Pleven participated in a witness workshop entitled "Europe – Diversity and UNITY", which took place in the Bozhko Shoikov- Concert Hall of the school in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

The young people learned through a presentation about the long history of the old continent, which went through wars and disputes – from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century, while during this time ideas were awakened for a voluntary union, assembly, a council of rulers and a court to settle the disputes, for the European United States and finally – for the Permanent World Council according to the idea of the Bulgarian Nikola Dimkov.

The famous opera singer Lyubomir Dyakovski, director of the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra, honorary citizen of Pleven, shared interesting facts from his personal biography: how he had the opportunity to travel through Europe at the age of 19, his impressions of the Berlin Wall and of experiences and tragedies he was given by his German colleagues. He also told interesting facts about the anthem of Europe. Finally, he challenged the audience with a question about the connection between the anthem, Karajan and the CD. The Chairperson of the Board of Directors of "Lehrwerkstatt Europa", Penka Spasova, shared the aims of the project and welcomed the students, wishing them to be Europeans always and in everything. At the end of the event, there was a choir and music performance to the anthem of Europe, accompanied by a string orchestra of pupils from 5th to 8th grade of the National School of Arts "Panayot Pipkov".

Pleven sings


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